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Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars annual funding drive begins

It has been well documented how the cost of college—be it two-year or traditional four-year—has been increasing. In fact, according to a recent 2017 study by the College Board, cost increases are outpacing family income growth, as well as financial aid growth. That leaves

families and students hurting and, many times, hard decisions need to be made as far as attending college goes.

"Fortunately for those that aspire to college, Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars has been

supporting local students via scholarship awards since 1985. We have been blessed with a generous local community that has made education a priority and, as a result, hundreds of local Detroit Lakes students have been the beneficiaries of financial support for their college

Dreams," said Mark Hagen, annual fundraising chairperson for the Detroit Lakes Dollars for

Scholars. "To date, the charity has given out over $2.7 million to area students in the last thirty

two years."

To continue to support local students, the 2018 fundraising process has begun. A mailer was

recently sent to supporters, and calls for additional support have started.

"Last year, through the generosity of so many, we were able to extend over $240,000 for local students. What a great goal reaching a quarter of a million dollars would be in 2018, especially in this trying environment," said Hagen.

Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars is a certified 501c3 non-profit, and Scholarship America, its

national governing arm, enjoys a prestigious four-star rating from Charity Navigator. 96.9 percent of the charity's total expenses are spent on the donations to students, making it an incredibly efficient organization.

Information on sponsoring a scholarship is available by contacting Mark Hagen at 218-849- 2294 or email More details are also available at