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Letter: DL businesses would miss the Legion Campground

I wish to be recorded as opposed to the proposal for the removal of the American Legion Campground in Detroit Lakes and replacement with housing and/or commercial space.

I am not certain if the planner has thought about the effect on the economy of Detroit Lakes from the seasonal campers at the American Legion campground. There are over 150 sites at the campground and they house three to four people per site, not including their family members who visit on the weekends, along with friends.

If you wish to make an impact on Detroit Lakes in the summertime, then by all means remove the campground and remove the money that the campers spend in Detroit Lakes on a weekly basis. For example, three people in the campground going to eat at establishments, drinking and shopping, will spend anywhere from $100 to $500 per week. Take that by 150 campsites, and you are looking at anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000 on a weekly basis.

My family alone spends about $300 in one weekend in Detroit Lakes, if not more, and you multiply that by four weekends and one family and it equals $1,200! You take that times 150 campground sites and you are looking at over $180,000 per month that the Legion campers bring into the city of Detroit Lakes, give or take $10,000.

A new hotel was recently built on the east side of West Lake Drive and from the business it appeared to receive last summer, I don't believe it to be nearly as profitable as the American Legion Campground to the city of Detroit Lakes. If you wish to take away the profits for the economy of Detroit Lakes, then move ahead with the plans, but I'm sure the businesses would hate to lose their constant and loyal customers at the American Legion Campground.

-- Angie Pierson, Fargo