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Letter: Blaming NRA for gun deaths is like blaming AAA for car deaths

If you lived in the 1950s and 1960s, you know that people as a whole were more dependable, more apt to respect the police and the rules and laws. I don't know why our country is changing from good to worse ... take your own guess!

We all agree that random shootings are not supposed to happen. Many think the solution is to regulate certain types of firearms, but laws are only followed by honest people. The law-breakers don't follow the regulations that may prevent the shootings.

In England, they have a lot of stabbings each year. They don't get into the news much and I don't think they are regulating any knives, either.

This morning on CBS News I heard that last year there were over 2,000 deaths by hit-and-run drivers. (That's killing with a car). Would this number go down if we would stop making certain types of cars?

Blaming the National Rifle Association for firearms deaths is the same as blaming the American Automobile Association for deaths due to cars.

Let's think this through a bit and not get a knee-jerk reaction because we see some teens marching and carrying home-made signs.—Jordell Brose, Detroit Lakes