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Letter: MinnesotaCare buy-in would help rural people

I had the opportunity on April 10 to talk with residents of the Detroit Lakes area as part of the Minnesota Farmers Union's Rural Voices discussion. Thank you to MFU for organizing the Detroit Lakes event and six others around the state. And thank you to all who participated.

It's important to me to be able to talk with Minnesotans, in person, about legislation such as Governor Mark Dayton's proposed MinnesotaCare buy-in.

MinnesotaCare health insurance has been a trusted choice for nearly three decades for working people, including many in your part of the state, who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford traditional insurance. Expanding this proven program, which was created by a bipartisan group of policy makers, is the right thing to do at a time when an increasing percentage of Minnesotans do not have insurance.

MinnesotaCare would cost an estimated 28 percent less than the expected cost of commercial plans. But this isn't free health insurance at taxpayers' expense; enrollees' premiums would pay for their coverage.

I encourage you to learn more about this important proposal. You can access a fact sheet here:

-- Nathan Moracco, assistant commissioner,

Minnesota Department of Human Services