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Letter: Responding to 'tax cuts for the rich'

Now that the Republicans have more political clout, the Democrats are suddenly very concerned about the deficit. The new proposed tax cuts are expected to add $150 billion a year (to the deficit) or $1.5 trillion in 10 years. That sounds like a lot until we learned recently that one man (Jeff Bezos) is worth $100 billion now.

President Trump feels that the cuts would stimulate the economy enough to offset most of the cuts in taxes. I know we've heard this song before, but it's never presented in exactly the same way. Liberals always say that the rich get more breaks, but that's not entirely bad. The rich make the jobs. I've never seen the poor hire a large workforce! If the corporate tax is cut, I believe our economy will improve.

Since Trump has been our president, the stock market has notched 61 record highs and climbed more than 21 percent, according to an article in The Week magazine of Nov. 24.

Our government should cut back on spending, but they act like drug addicts, and they need their "fix!"

I, for one, would welcome a simple way to figure our personal taxes so we could file on a single piece of paper without professionals helping.—Jordell Brose, Detroit Lakes